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The next rally will be the 29th Condom Rally on the first full weekend in October 2015 – 2nd-4th.
For further details please check Tickets Page, Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions.

You can find The Condom Rally on social media: Facebook Group (not run by Committee but most of us are on it).

About the Condom Rally

The Condom Rally is a non-profit organisation. Run by a group of volunteers, the Condom Rally is an annual event held over the first full weekend of October for the Biker community with all profits going to selected charities. Over the years these have included Headway, MAG, NABD, East Mersea Millennium Fund and the Essex Air Ambulance.
There is often confusion with other rallies held on the same site at other times in the year. The Condom Rally is run by a committed group that does not organise any other rallies on the same site. Any queries about other rallies need to be directed to them.

Condom Rally Facebook  Condom Rally Twitter

About the Name

The Condom Rally started back in the eighties, when there was much doom and gloom about H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. and a group of party-happy people with a penchant for motorbikes decided it would be fun to party with other motorcycle fans, watch a few bands and camp in a field. Thus the Condom Rally was born and its name has stuck.

The Rally

Like most rallies, we like live music, an opportunity to mingle with other party-going folks and lots of bikes!  Our site is particularly excellent as we have permanent hard-standing facilities such as a heated shower block with powerful hot showers, a cafeteria that opens for a wonderful greasy fry-up in the mornings and traditional evening meals to line the stomach for the evening’s festivities. The site is also mostly wheelchair friendly with easy access to the facilities for those on rims! The site offers us the use of a large hall with a stage, full sound system and lighting and separate bar serving booze, in case your stash runs out!  There’s a decking area just outside of the bar where you can take in the view of the water, mellowing out with friends.



About the Condom Committee

The Condom Committee is a group of about 30 volunteers. WE ARE NOT A BIKE CLUB, just a group of individuals, putting on a great party, because we enjoy it as much as you do! The Condom Committee is also known as the Travellers Club.

There is often some confusion between us and the Travellers Club MCC. We would like to confirm that we have no connection, issues or problems with this club! It was just easier, when the rally started 28(ish) years ago, to use the name Travellers Club than to open a bank account for the Condom Rally!

Who are the Condom Committee?

  • Keith/ Taffdog – Chairperson, Meeting Wrangler
  • Rachel – Secretary, Raffle, Cabins, Cake Maker Extraordinaire
  • Martin – Treasurer,  Scribble Provider
  • Kat – Rally Stall/ Booking In
  • Kitkat – Webgeek
  • Billy – STALL ORGANISER, Silly Games
  • Tosh – Superstar DJ, BAND BOOKER
  • Adam/ Gremlin – Wee hours DJ
    + Assorted hard working superheroes and lager botherers.

Want to Join Us?

We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers……. if you’re interested, please e-mail us, find us on the Facebook “fan” page or come and meet us on the Second Monday of the month, 8pm at the Victoria Inn, North Station Road, Colchester. In order to work at the rally we do require that you attend at least a couple of the meetings (primarily one of the last couple) so we know who you are and you know who we are!



About the Essex Outdoors Mersea

(Mersea Island Youth Camp) Site and Facilities

Mersea Outdoors is one of the 6 outdoor education and field study centres that are part of Essex Outdoors.

With approximately 62 acres of well-maintained grass fields on Mersea Island, they are able to provide camping for us for about 1500 people (usually 350 people when they are providing the tents).  There are a number of cabins on site, which are available for hire, directly through the committee.  The cabins have bunks, heaters and electricity.

The site’s facilities include toilets, shower rooms, laundry room, dining rooms, a main hall equipped with music and a big screen video.

Wheelchair Access

The site has excellent facilities with wheel chair access to all areas (although some areas may be difficult to access in muddy conditions!).  Additional works have taken place over the winter of 09/10 to improve accessibility so it’s even better than before.

About Mersea Island

Mersea Island is approximately 5 miles long, 2 miles wide and rising only about 70 feet above sea level. The southern part of the island contains beaches, with saltings forming an important feature of the landscape all around. London clay overlain by patches of glacial gravel produces heavy and loamy soils and at low tide wide expanses of alluvial mud are exposed around the shoreline.

The island is located in the estuary of the rivers Blackwater and Colne, approximately nine miles south-east of Colchester. It has a resident population of 6500. Its area of five square miles includes the town of West Mersea and the village of East Mersea.

The only connection to the mainland is by a causeway known as the Strood, which carries the main B1025 road to Colchester. The Strood is liable to flood at Spring tides, when the island is temporarily cut off. Please check the tide times below before your visit.

About Mersea Village

The town of West Mersea, 4 miles from Mersea Outdoors, is centred around the Parish Church where the High Street meets Coast Road. Close by is the Museum, Community Centre and many shops, including butchers, Post Office, bookshop and grocers.