Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for attendance of The Condom Rally

Yes, this tends to be a bit boring to go through and we don’t want to kill anyone’s buzz but we ask that you observe some simple rules & guidelines for your own safety and to make sure the rally is fun and safe for everyone attending and working. The Condom Committee has come under fire the last couple of years for the changes to rules or insisting that people adhere to them; we also love a bit of anarchy and wild partying but we also need to avoid death or injury to attendees, complaints from the site owners and neighbours, visits from the local plod and Committee members being worked until they expire! We will try and explain (where we can) WHY the rules are in place. By attending the Condom Rally you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out here.
We are doing our best to keep the price of admission down in the current climate of rising costs and still put on a rally you expect from The Condom. Please be aware that you need to be aware of the things below to make it easier for us to do this.

Prices are non-negotiable. Weekend tickets, short stay tickets, car parking and merchandise are not subject to bartering. If you want to come in for an hour you are still required to pay for any eligible tickets and car parking necessary to your visit. If you only have £5 but want the £10 t-shirt you’ll be needing a cash-point!

There are speed cameras and speed traps in the area. The local constabulary know which weekend our event takes place and love catching attendees out for being liberal with the speed limits. Please be careful, we want you to be able to spend your cash on beer and at the stalls rather than having to hand it over to the rozzers!

Children or pets are your responsibility. We do not discourage bringing children or pets but please be aware that this is not a safe environment for them to be left unattended. Please keep an eye on where they are and what they are up to! We may ask you to leave if your child or pet is causing too many problems.

No entry to the site before 3pm on the Friday. There are three main reasons for this.
1. Essex Outdoors Mersea is primarily set up for the use of children (particularly disabled and disadvantaged). Sometimes there are children on site until the afternoon of the Condom Rally and we cannot legally allow anyone attending the Rally onto the site. We have to assume there will be children as we do not have access to the site’s bookings.
2. We need to set up the site to be ready for attendees. With attendees already on site it would divide our man power between the task of setting up and the tasks of dealing with any issues that attendees have (thus making setting up take forever and be a massive ballache). Plus it’s really fucking boring sitting around on an empty site with ten other equally bored bikers with no facilities open and nothing to do!
3.Our insurance doesn’t cover our event for attendees until this point.
Other rallies may operate under different rules, regulations and conditions; we have to do the best with the way it is for us.

No cars allowed (outside of the Car Parking areas). Cars are not allowed onto the site; at any time, for any reason. In adverse weather cars can damage the site and present a danger to attendees. We are responsible for both situations. We do have Car Parking facilities for attendees and hard stand parking for Blue Badge Holders. Car Parking is currently charged by the weekend (details CLICK HERE) and free for Blue Badge Holders by arrangement. Cars parked in the Car Parking area are left at your own risk.
If you bring camping gear you are responsible for the moving of it from the Car Parking to the camping area yourself and making the necessary arrangements to do so. We are trying to arrange Car Parking next to the Designated Camping area but this is subject to weather conditions and negotiation, so can change at short notice.
We are a Bike Rally and while we don’t want to dissuade people who require the use of a car, we cannot afford to cover the damages cars on site can potentially create. We also feel that it would compromise the integrity of the event to just allow everyone to turn up in their cars, vans or lorries (yes it has happened!) and park wherever they choose.

There is a designated camping area. For your safety and security we SUGGEST that you use the Designated Camping Area in the top right of the site (as you arrive). It is the shortest distance from the car parking area, less liable to flooding during adverse weather, the only area covered by our security patrols and covered by insurance. If you choose to camp elsewhere on the site you do so entirely at your own risk. We SUGGEST you don’t camp within  15 feet of the fencing facing the sea as this area is liable to flood in wet weather, if you choose to do so then pack a snorkel!
We tried to reinstigate the Designated Campsite and came under a lot of fire for this, to clarify the Designated Campsite has ALWAYS been in the same place for every Condom Rally; other rallies operate differently and have different conditions to contend with. We ask this in your best interests, it’s a suggestion not a rule.

The gate system is off limits (for any reason other than site access). Anyone not working for the Condom Rally cannot “hang out” on our gate system. The Committee working the gate system have specific tasks and attendees distracting them can be potentially dangerous, so for health and safety reasons we cannot allow members of the public to be around the gate system (other than accessing the site). Again, our insurance doesn’t cover non-workers loitering in this area.

No burnouts or dangerous riding. We have to replace any damage done to the site. If you are seen damaging it or putting others at risk you will be removed from the site. In extreme circumstances you will be reported to the police.

No mini-motos on site. We have been asked to not allow mini-motos at our event.

Please avoid bringing glass on site. We have been asked to pass on the request that no glass is used on site. The site is primarily set up for the use of disabled and disadvantaged children, discarded glass has the potential for serious injury to vulnerable people.

Committee Members/ Stewards are volunteers and will not put up with abusive behaviour. We work hard, year-round to try and bring you the best rally at the best price we can. You CHOOSE to attend, if you have a problem bring it to the attention of the Rally Stall in the main marquee. We will try our level best to sort it out as quickly as we can. If, for any reason, you decide to get aggressive or rude with a member of the Condom Committee do not be surprised if you are met with matching hostility and/or eviction from our event. The Condom Committee is comprised of people giving up their time to provide you with the opportunity to have a good time.

Thanks for understanding. We want everyone at our events to enjoy themselves in a relatively safe, relaxed and friendly environment. We aim to keep the majority happy, if you have any suggestions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.